Lead Personal Trainer, Studio Instructor

Melanie was born and raised in Colorado where she began dancing at a young age and continued through high school. In college Melanie gave up dancing in order to pursue boxing.  In preparation for a career in criminal justice she began to study fitness in a more traditional gym setting.  She received a bachelors degree in Behavioral Science and worked in law enforcement on both a state and federal level.  During this time Melanie studied fitness and nutrition and became one of her agency's instructors.  Her passion for fitness and nutrition continued to grow leading her to become a certified personal trainer.  She is currently the lead personal trainer and teaches all of the classes for Corso Fitness.  Melanie firmly believes that health is more than just exercise but a balance between being active and what we put into our bodies.  She loves helping others be the best version of themselves by helping them obtain their goals.


Personal Trainer

Jeromy grew up in Colorado and started working out in a gym with his mother at 12 years old.  His passions for fitness began with lifting and began to branch out to other avenues through college.  After joining law enforcement, he studied and practiced interval training and after an injury found a new passion in yoga.  Jeromy studied Criminal Justice in college but continued to follow his true calling in fitness and became a certified personal trainer.  Jeromy’s competitive nature has led him to compete in multiple fitness competitions where he has won multiple awards. Jeromy believes that fitness is a combination of sound mind and body.  Jeromy enjoys helping people set goals and taking steps to achieve them.  He is always pushing others to reach potential they didn’t know they had. 

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