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Melanie Headshot.jpg

Melanie Goodson

Meet Melanie, an internationally certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Glute Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, and Yoga Teacher. Her passion for fitness ignited at the age of 5 through dance, a journey that has continued to shape her ever since.​

As the driving force behind Corso Fitness, Melanie is not just an instructor but a guiding presence. She leads all the main classes and orchestrates the transformative 6-week challenges, weaving her expertise into every session.

​Melanie's philosophy extends beyond exercise; she believes in the harmony between an active lifestyle and mindful nutrition. To her, health is a delicate balance. Melanie is dedicated to imparting not just physical strength but fostering a holistic well-being.

​In her classes, Melanie instills a sense of appreciation for individual strengths and empowers her participants to embrace confidence. Her mission is to guide others on a journey of self-discovery, helping them unlock their potential and achieve a healthier, more confident version of themselves.

Jeromy Headshot.jpg

Jeromy Goodson

Meet Jeromy, an internationally certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Bodybuilding Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor. Immersed in the fitness world for almost three decades, Jeromy brings a wealth of passion and expertise to his role.​

For Jeromy, a healthy life is achieved through a powerful blend of mobility and strength training. This belief is the cornerstone of his approach to fitness. He takes immense pride in witnessing the transformative journey of his clients, guiding them towards their goals, and inspiring positive changes in their lives.​

In Jeromy's eyes, fitness is not just a routine; it's a catalyst for profound transformations. With dedication and personalized coaching, he aims to empower individuals to embrace a lifestyle that harmonizes mobility, strength, and overall well-being. Jeromy firmly believes that health is more than just strength; it's an overall wellness involving moderation in all things.

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