Q: Does your facility require a contract?

A: We are a monthly membership gym and do not require our members to sign up for an extended contract.  We do however require a one month notice to cancel a membership.


Q: Do you offer drop in tanning?

A: We offer tanning as an additional service to gym members only.


Q: Do you offer trials?

A: We offer a full tour of our facility as part of the initial process.  You would be welcome to try the facility at this time.  We do not offer extended trials.


Q: Can a non-member take a fitness class?

A: Yes!  Members are offered a discounted rate but non-members are welcome to take any classes offered at the facility.  The first class is free so you are able to bring all your friends.


Q: Do you offer child care?

A: Members must be at least 13 years old and accompanied by a parent until they are 16 years old.  Children are not permitted in our facility.


Q: Do you have an annual fee?

A: We do not charge an annual fee. We also keep your monthly rate the same if you keep an active membership.  

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes!  We offer a 10% discount off membership if you are military, a first responder, or teacher with proper identification.   

Q: Can I sign up online?

A: Not for a gym membership.  Since we are a 24-hour gym facility we want to meet you to make sure we answer any questions you have about the gym and procedures.  Our sign-up process also requires that it be handled in person to give members their access card.  However, you can sign up and purchase classes online or through our app.

Q: How do I manage my own account?

A: Your account can be managed on our client software site. Your email is your login.


Q: What if I forgot my password or never created one?

A: Click on "Forgot Password."  You can create a new one after following the prompts.